The legends from all walks
To Abuja for cerebral talks
Changing the old time narrative
With a classic conference eruptive

The Legends counting down
In wait for the golden crown
To the FCT the city of glory
An AGM with indelible story

The legends of private practice
Lords in the game of lab expertise
Showing the beauty of our profession
The guild on the global spotlight

The legends for a great reunion
The avengers of lab business
Digging ways for guild to bloom
Yielding fruit in monetary boom

The legends are men of class
Turning scrap to a mining gold
For generations to tap and sap
The labours of their sweat and blood

The legends are not ordinary
They are a sound luminary
A clique of savouring blend
Unique in starling garlands

The legends deserve our respect
The major employers of labour
Contributing to nation building
A standing ovation to these heroes

You can be a great legend too
This conference will inspire you
Transforms you into your best form
To the guild of extraordinary directors


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