PATIENTS BEWARE!!! Please Read This Lest You Fall Victim

Members of the public are hereby advised to completely ignore/disregard the misleading advert supposedly sponsored by Society for Family health in conjunction with the Roll Back Malaria Program. This misinformation is being spread through radio and TV adverts, jingles and programs, which encourages the market women and children to visit patent medicine stores and pharmacies for malaria tests! This deception is capable of endangering the health of the general public and aggravating the already High Maternal & Child mortality indices.

You are hereby advised to disregard this misguided information and take your tests only by qualified, certified and licensed lab professionals recognized by Nigerian Law to carry out all clinical tests. These set of Lab professionals, called Medical Laboratory Scientists, cannot be found in patent medicine stores or pharmacies but in MLSCN Approved Medical Laboratories.

Please, DO NOT allow your blood/body fluids to be drawn in a patent medicine store/pharmacy – just buy drugs from them.

Be WARNED: Drugs are sold in the pharmacies and patent medicine stores, while clinical blood tests are conducted in Medical Laboratories ONLY.

Pls, send this to all your loved ones lest they fall victim.

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